Sustainable Conversion Ventures 

Founded in January 2014, Sustainable Conversion Ventures is a $40MM family office venture capital fund based out of Sun Lakes, Arizona born out of real estate and oil and gas investments made in the Phoenix area over the last 30 years. We have no limited partner, and thus have the potential to move faster than other organizations to make critical and timely investments.

Our Mission

To connect responsible capital with sustainable technologies and strategic partnerships.

Our Strategy

To make both corporate and project equity investments in emerging renewable chemical, synthetic biology, and process technologies. We also invest at the project level in (non-solar, non-wind) small scale power projects. Some typical characteristics of our investments include:
  • Significant technical milestones reached (usually Series B or later)

  • Co-investment alongside other larger venture capital funds or strategic investors

  • Primary product sales dependent on commodity based pricing rather than consumer sales models


Sustainable Conversion VenturesServices

Sustainable Conversion Ventures collaborates with municipalities to design, build, finance and operate sustainable waste remediation solutions from material recovery facilities (MRFs) to bio-fuel production, to waste-to-energy (WTE) gasification facilities.

A Public Private Partnership (PPP) is formed when a municipality or other public entity elects to divert from traditional, tax-based funding models to accomplish a needed capital project or program. Through vehicles such as municipal bond issuances, communities can overcome the lack of capital needed to invest in public sector infrastructure to efficiently meet regulatory benchmarks for sustainability previously only available to the private sector.

Our components competencies are:

  • Mixed Waste Material Recovery Facilities (MRFs)
  • Waste-to-Energy (WTE)
  • Waste-to-Fuel (WTF)
  • Anaerobic Digestion


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Investing in

Renewable Chemicals & Synthetic Biology